Precision At Its Finest

We manufacture a wide range of components in a variety of materials, from stainless steel to titanium to aluminium and plastics (PTFE, Nylon) to Rubber. All parts are produced in high standard accordance with ISO 9001.

We offer our service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week facility to give you a quick turn around and qualities you require (especially on breakdown and urgent jobs).

There are a number of services we can provide for you: CNC & Conventional Turning, CNC & Conventional Milling, Plating / Heat treatment, Powder Coating / Anodising, Prototype & Development Work, Spark Erosion, Universal & Surface Grinding, Broaching and more.

CNC Milling & Turning

Service - CNC Milling and Turning

With a range of CNC machines, APEL can produce the parts you need at high speeds and volumes, leading to lower costs. As well as this, high precision tolerances are adhered to. With a combination of CNC and conventional facilities, complex and simple machining requirements can be met.

Conventional Milling & Turning

Conventional Milling & Turning

An array of conventional machines allows our highly experienced skilled operators to fulfil manufacturing requirements quickly; depending on the production needs, this can be quicker than CNC due to quick set up times.

Specialist Services

Specialist Services

We specialise in emergency and short notice work, having turnaround times ranging from 2 hours to a day depending on the job complexity. Over our lifetime we have saved local blue-chip companies thousands through reduced downtime and through large savings on replacement parts/assemblies which would be otherwise purchased directly from manufacturers for 200%+ more. We also have considerable experience with repairs of pumps and motors, component recovery, machining exotic materials (Hiduron, Tufnol, Duplex, Phosphor Bronze, FDA Blue PTFE and more).

Quality Control

Services - Quality Control

At APEL we understand that often the products we provide for our customers must be of the utmost quality, and precision. Being used in high stress applications as well as tight tolerance assemblies. A copious amount of equipment is available to us to ensure the quality of our work is consistent.

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